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Tools and Tooling

Drill bits or jobber drill bits are available in almost any size including metric and imperial diameters and if we don't have the size you need ex-stock please ask and we can source it for you. Drill bits feature a 135deg split point which cuts faster and reduces wandering, a titanium nitride coating reduces heat and increases lubricity, made from M2 HSS increasing the life of the bit. Also available are double ended panel drill bits, countersink drill bits and drill sets.

We also stock a range of masonry drill bits, the SDS Plus Masonry drill bits feature a centring chisel head with multi-flute spiral for maximum drilling capacity with a carbide tip, ideal for use in the building, construction, plumbing and electrical industries for drilling concrete. We also have a range of Auger bits available.

Driver Tips and keys are used to fasten screws into place made from heat treatable steel so the drive tip can be hardened and tempered to give a long lasting drive tip. Square Drive or Robertson Drive are available in four sizes starting with #0 which drives 4g square drive stainless screws, #1 which drives 6g square drive screws, #2 which drives 8 & 10g square drive screws and #3 which drives 12 and 14g square drive screws. They are also available in a range of lengths from 25 to 150mm.

Phillip's Drive tips are the American standard cross bit drive and are available in 3 sizes, #1 which drives 4g phillips drive screws, #2 which drives 6, 8 and 10g phillips drive screws and #3 which drives 12 and 14g phillips drive screws and are available in length from 50 to 150mm.

Pozi Drive tips are also available while similar to the Phillips drive the Pozi drive has an extra set of grooves of ticks, which aid in identification. The Pozi drive tips have a blunt end allowing it to seat better in the recess also a pozi driver has parallel faces while the Philips has tapered faces, this allows more torque to be applied with a pozi driver with out the driver slipping out.

Socket Drive Tips have a male hexagon drive to fit a Hexagon Socket Drive Screw or Capscrew, Button Socket Screw or Countersunk Socket Screw, and are identified by their across the flat measurement, these are also available as Allen Keys. We also have a range of security driver tips which are in our security screw section of the website. Nut-setters are a female hexagon drive used to drive HWF Tek Screws or HWF Self Drillers, available in two sizes 5/46 for 12g HWF screws and 3/8 for 14g HWF screws.

Taps are used to create a female thread on the inside of a pre-drilled hole, Anzor has a range of tap sets from M4 through to M12 but more are available on request, we also have the Gun Tap which is specifically for tapping the hole for our Anzor Eyelet.

Tools - Anzor have a range of tools available to complement the products we stock that require them including, our Riveting tools, Threaded Insert Tool for our threaded inserts, Swage Pliers for crimping or swaging our wire rope products, Wire Cutters for cutting wire rope, 1 Ear Hose Clamp Tool, Stainless Steel Strapping Tool for tightening the stainless steel strap and closing the buckle, Drop in Anchor Setting Tool for fixing our drop in anchors into pre drilled holes in concrete, our Cable Tie Tool for tightening and closing our stainless steel cable ties.

Care should always be taken when using tools with stainless steel to avoid cross contamination from non stainless fasteners and a separate tool or bit should be used only for stainless steel. Instruction sheets are available with all our tools and if you are unsure how to use the tool please ask one of our staff and they will be happy to explain it to you.


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